Need a Police Check fast?

Individuals can order an Online Police Check in a matter of minutes and in most cases be returned within the hour*

About DVS

When an applicant enters their ‘100 points’ of ID and the PharmacyID software recognises one of the above documents has been entered the following message will appear. We recommend you accept the offer to digitally verify ID by ticking the small box shown in the screen below.

Selecting and passing digital verification not only removes the need to provide certified copies of ID or show employers / managers originals but it also results in a faster submission of police check applications.

Alternative methods

Here are some alternative methods you may use to complete your police check. Please be aware that there are risks in sending information including copies of your identification via unsecured methods.


Email your documentation including certified photocopies of your nominated 100 points to:

Applications will be evaluated by our consultants before they are approved for processing.


Mail this document and certified photocopies of your nominated 100 points by registered mail to:

P.O. Box 611 Moonee Ponds, Vic 3039.

Documentation may take up to 2 days to reach us by post.

Who can certify my ID as "True Copies?"

Certification of true copies can be carried out by:

  • Justice of the peace
  • A currently Registered Nurse
  • Accountants - member of a recognised professional accounting body or a Registered Tax Agent
  • Manager of a bank or credit union, other than managers of Bank Travel Centres
  • Barrister, Solicitor or Patent Attorney
  • Police Officer at a local police station
  • Postal Manager or at Selected Australia Post Outlets
  • Principal of an Australian Secondary College, High School or Primary School
  • Registered Pharmacist
  • Medical Practitioner
  • Dentist
  • Chiropractor
  • Physiotherapist
  • Veterinary Surgeon
  • Optometrist
  • Member of Engineers Australia - Other than at the grade of student

For a complete list of individuals who can certify your documentation please visit

What does the certifying person need to do?

The Certifying Person must:

  • Write on the copy "This is a true copy of the original documents sighted by me";
  • Sign and print their name;
  • Provide a contact telephone number;
  • State their profession or occupation group;
  • Write on the copy the date certified
  • List the appropriate registration number; and
  • Affix the official stamp or seal of the certifier's organisation on the copy (if available).

Photocopies of previously certified documents will not be accepted. The PRM Group takes no responsibility for the failure to supply certified 100 points of ID.

Terms and Conditions

1. PharmacyID CANNOT process a National Police Check application without the slip and original 100 point of identification being verified in person by a PharmacyID member.

2. PharmacyID cannot expedite the police check process.

3. Individuals MUST check their forms before submitting them online as any incorrect information will make the police check certificate invalid.

4. Refunds will not be offered for:

All refunds will incur administration fee of $5.00AUD up to 59 days and $10.00AUD after 60 days.

5. There are certain checks that PharmacyID cannot conduct. Below are examples of some checks we are not able to supply. Please consult a PharmacyID staff member on 1300 937 487 if you are unsure about being able to use a third party broker.

You must present your PharmacyID slip and the nominated 100 points of ID displayed on your slip in person to a PharmacyID member. In PharmacyID takes no responsibility for the failure to supply 100 points of certified identification.

Please contact PharmacyID on 1300 937 487 or via email, if you are unsure of any of these terms and conditions

Clicking 'accept' below confirms that you have read the above information, understand the requirements listed and wish to continue.

* If no match is made, when accessing the National Name Index, then 76% of checks are returned immediately. The remaining 24% are returned anywhere between 1 day and 4 weeks.

**PharmacyID cannot submit an application until you either pass digital verification of ID or present your PharmacyID unique barcode and your original 100 points ID as displayed on the PharmacyID slip, in person, to your chosen PharmacyID member.

***Once processed, your check will be available for you to download. If you require a hard copy from PharmacyID, please send a stamped self-addressed envelope to P.O. Box 611, Moonee Ponds, VIC 3039