PharmacyID currently partner with several companies to provide the face-to-face component of the Verification of Identity (VoI) process. Companies that tender for Identity Proofing are numerous and all basically offer the same service. As an Identity Service Provider PharmacyID provide online applications and two biometrics (facial recognition and liveness detection). Also, as a Gateway Service Provider (GSP), we include the Document Verification Service (DVS). PharmacyID has a comprehensive Events Log that logs every event in the application from the time the person commences the application to the time the application is finalised. This is important as the entire application is captured witihin one application and every step along the way can be proven.

What sets PharmacyID apart is the ability to identify the applicant personally, in a face-to-face identity verification, via PharmacyID pharmacy network. PharmacyID have partner pharmacies ubiquitous throughout Australia.

Whilst PharmacyID provide a very robust Identity Verification system, there is always the possibility that a purely digital VoI process can be circumvented. It is very difficult for a fraudster to attend a pharmacy and pretend to be someone he/she clearly is not. This is because the pharmacist sees the online application and compares the online data with the original identity documents. They also compare the person presenting the identity documents with the photos on the documents and any photos within the application. This face-to-face identity verification is the most robust possible and eliminates any chance of fraud.

If your company wishes to present an Identity Proofing process in an upcoming tender or presentation, we are willing to partner you by embedding any of our processes within your application, in what is the most powerful Verification of Identity process possible.

If you are interesting in partnering with PharmacyID please call us on (03 9379 3383).

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