Geoff Stockton

Geoff Stockton

Managing Director


Geoff has over 22 years’ service with Victoria Police, retiring at officer rank of Inspector. His experience includes significant service in the Criminal Investigation Branch (C.I.B.) at most ranks, including being in charge of a C.I.B.

Seeing an increase in fraud by people attempting to obtain “clear” police checks using false identity documents, Geoff founded PharmacyID for the purpose of having Applicants identify themselves personally and producing their original identity documents to an independent person who would verify them and their documents. The ability to perpetrate fraud using the PharmacyID method is thus greatly reduced. The PharmacyID network of pharmacies is Geoff’s brainchild when he saw the need for face-to-face identification. It provides the highest level of identification of individuals available in Australia today.

Geoff formed The Personnel Risk Management Group Pty Ltd (The PRM Group) in 1997 and formed PharmacyID as a separate company for the purpose of properly identifying individuals. Neither PharmacyID nor The PRM Group have ever ended the financial year without making a profit.

Geoff, as well as being the owner and sole director of The PRM Group and PharmacyID, has gathered a few other personal accreditations/endorsements along the way:

Accreditations & Endorsements

  • Detective Training School (Victoria Police)
  • Advanced Detective Training School (Victoria Police)
  • Sub-Officers Course (Victoria Police)
  • Airlie Officers Course (Victoria Police)
  • Four Wheel Drive Course (Victoria Police)
  • Licencing Inspector (Victoria Police)
  • Motor Car Drivers Licence
  • Articulated Vehicle endorsement to Drivers Licence (That’s Big trucks)
  • Motorbike Licence
  • Licenced Scuba Diver
  • Licenced Skydiver to D endorsement. About 300 skydives in Victoria, S.A., Qld, N.T., Tasmania and NZ.
  • Helicopter Student Pilot Licence