Document Verification Service

As you read the details of what the Document Verification Service (DVS), how it operates and how you can benefit from the service, please note that PharmacyID is a Gateway Service Provider for the DVS.

PharmacyID is aware that many organisations do not have access to the DVS and have offered their services to these organisations via a free API. The cost of the service is then simply a transactional agreement with no software / development costs. Please call us if we can assist you accessing the DVS.

PharmacyID is a Verification of Identity (VoI) service provider, a developer of innovative VOID solutions, and therefore DVS access is built into most of our services. For example, when a police check is done via PharmacyID, the documents used to identify the applicant are verified via the DVS. 


The DVS is a national online system, operated via the Commonwealth Department of Home Affairs, that allows organisations to compare a customer’s identifying information with a government record.

The DVS is a secure system that operates 24/7 and matches key details contained on Australian-issued identifying credentials, providing a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer within seconds.

The DVS helps organisations build greater confidence in the identities of their clients. This helps protect governments, businesses and Australians from identity crime.

How the DVS works

The Document Verification Service (DVS) confirms the details on an evidence of identity document match records held by the government authority issuer.

The DVS checks if the details are still valid.

The DVS does not:

Within seconds, the DVS can validate documents and credentials issued by Australian Government, State and Territory government agencies.

Verifiable Documents

The following Australian evidence of identity credentials can be matched through the DVS:

* These documents will be available for matching by both government and non-government users for jurisdictions as they come online. Please refer to Addendum 2 of the Business User terms and conditions for document availability.

The Matching Process

The DVS matching process involves a user, gateway service provider, issuer and the DVS hub:

For further information or to arrange a demonstration, please contact PharmacyID on 1300 937 487 or email