Identity theft is a much bigger issue than Australian businesses realise.

Identity crime currently costs Australians over 1.6 billion dollars each year. In addition, the federal government estimates that identity crime is a key enabler of organised crime which costs Australia 15 Billion dollars annually.

Businesses and government have many legal, legislative and service obligations to ensure the identity of customers or employees are determined quickly and securely. However, current verification of identify processes have limitations and serious flaws that are targeted by criminals.

Australia’s most secure identity verification system, PharmacyID is trusted by Australian Federal, State and local governments, companies and organisations. PharmacyID exceeds currently accepted standards of identity verification, significantly reducing or eliminating the potential for fraud.With locations in every State and Territory in both metropolitan and regional centres, PharmacyID will be the largest identity verification retail network in Australia. Trusted, convenient and connected by PharmacyID.

Building PharmacyID verification into your online application processes.

Integrating the PharmacyID platform into your customer on-boarding process saves time and reduces risk.

For online applications where identity needs to be verified quickly and efficiently, PharmacyID builds into your application process a simply Verification of Identity (VOI) check through the governments’ Document Verification Service (DVS) which helps to maintain a fully digital and seamless application service. This is particularly effective for banks, credit unions, financial institutions and other regulatory authorities. Results are available in seconds and provide for straight-through processing.

In the event that your customer is unable to support electronic verification, they are seamlessly taken through to the alternative manual face to face verification process which is facilitated by local PharmacyID pharmacies. Verification at the pharmacy is confirmed through the PharmacyID web based system with the customers original identity documents. No copies, no paper and a full audit trail. Just an electronic confirmation which is instantly available, ensuring the process is secure and seamless.

PharmacyID can be used for a range of purposes:

Applicable in different industries

Pharmacy ID is used by companies in a broad range of industries including:

Future proofing

PharmacyID is designed to incorporate biometric registration and document verification technology as more rigorous identification methods are required by governments and companies into the future. Talk to us about your specific requirements.